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We formed our business in 1989, and by the time we established our online presence in 1998 we had successfully completed projects for 15 top-tier international corporations. We have amassed a comprehensive skillset that allows us to tackle a broad range of professional services projects, including:

  • Call-center staffing 
  • Property management 
  • Cross-department training
  • Enterprise transitional development 
  • Stadler-Collins strategic benchmarking 
  • Efficient service engine sizing support
  • International fee-based clearances

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                  We hesitated to retool because we were scared of the downtime. We should have 
called them earlier; they had us up and running in less than 24 hours!

- JP Bateson, Marcho Universal Fasteners
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Welcome to Shoe lifts and Modification....  
We can lift or elevate most shoes to prescription or if you need to be measure we can do that as well. The effects of leg length discrepancy vary from patient to patient. These differences may require the patient to exert more effort to walk. Some studies show that people with a discrepancy have a greater incidence of lower back pain and an increased chance of sustaining injuries. 

 A leg length discrepancy can cause the center of gravity to move to the short leg side. 
Common compensations include: 
  • a pelvic tilt to the side with the discrepancy
  • increased knee flexion on the long side
  • an overextended knee on the short side
  • increased subtalar joint pronation on the long side
  • ankle plantar flexion and foot supination on the short side.
Orthopedic Shoes
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Lilburn Shoe Repair and Pedorthics Inc.
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Caravelle Rocker Sole
Mild Rocker Sole
  • To load weightbearing area of the foot proximal to the metatarsal head
  • To provide a very stable amount of midstance
  • To reduce shock on toe-off
  • To provide no weight- bearing forces anterior to the metatarsal head
  • To relieve pressure on metatarsal 
  • increase propulsion
  • assist with gait
  • reduce energy expended in the effort of walking
  • To unload forefoot by loading rear and midfoot
  • Accommodate fixed dorsiflexion
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